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The Information Technology Career of Prieur Leary

July 15, 2018
While most of the emphasis by cybersecurity seems to be on hacking, the reality is, Prieur Leary knows well that the greatest primary weakness in every information technology (IT) system is the users. It’s not the devices, the systems or even the networks. He understands the supreme importance of keeping systems up to date as the key method for eliminating internal security threats because the most pressing threat is failing to maintain authentication updated privileges and access keys and to keep all logs up to date. That is because one of the greatest security threats isn’t outsiders infiltrating the network from outside, but former employee continuing to access systems after they terminate their employment.

This approach is critical, which is why Prieur Leary does everything possible to make sure the systems he manages are as up-to-date and as safe as is humanly possible. The term “information technology” usually refers to the storage, movement and manipulation of data, primarily in the context of business, although IT can also serve a critical function in charitable and educational organizations and pursuits, as well.